Monday, March 7, 2011

Mandy's Book of the Week (3/7)

Last week was geared toward guys, so I wanted to angle this week toward the ladies.

This book had me really confused at the beginning.  So confused that I almost stopped reading it.  There is only one book that I've ever started and not finished (and I'm not going to tell you what that book is because it is a classic and I'm embarassed I didn't finish it), so I really didn't want to add to that number.

Eventually, though, I got the hang of this book.  And by the middle all these pieces were snapping into place.  I swear I heard an audible "click" a few times.  By the end, I was in love with this story.

Those are the best, to me.  The books that make you think about the story and what is going on with it.

This story is about a girl who goes to a boarding school in the Austrialian bush (basically in the middle of nowhere).  Her mother just ramdomly, or so it seems, left her at a gas station when she was 11 and never came back.  Soon after, a woman comes and picks her up and takes her to this school, where she's been ever since.

Her school plays this territory game with some military cadets that come to do military exercises near the school every year and with what they call the "townies," basically kids who go to the town's school.

So you have this story about the main character's past mixing with the territory game with a side of love story.

Really it is a very good book.  But give it time to get that way.  Don't give up on it until you're at least half way in.  By then, you'll be hooked.

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