Monday, March 28, 2011

Mandy's Book of the Week (3/28)

This book is...weird.  But a good weird.  But weird nonetheless.

Gone by Michael Grant is the first book in a series of, eventually, six.  The first three, Gone, Hunger, and Lies are all published (and here at the library waiting on you!) with Plague, the fourth, following this fall.

Ok, I kind of lied.  Hunger is at my house right now being read by me.  But I'll be done with it by Thursday.

Anyway, this book follows what happens when the adults go "POOF."

One day, everyone aged 15 and up just disappears.  Can you imagine how terrible that would eventually be?

In the beginning, so many kids think it is awesome.  They go crazy drinking cokes and eating candy.  But eventually chaos ensues and some of the older kids try to get some order back into life.  They discover that not only did the adults POOF, but that they are trapped in a bubble, so no new supplies will be coming in.

Just think about all those babies who were home with their mommies when the POOF occurred.  Can you guess what happened to them?

To top all this chaos off, some of the animals start mutating (think snakes with crude wings) and the kids start developing powers (like super speed or the ability to suspend gravity).

There is so much going on and the action just never stops.  You should read it!

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