Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Virtual Tour

It is strange to me the number of people that haven't been to our new library yet.  It is seriously awesome, guys.

To prove it, I'm taking you on a virtual tour of the Teen Library here at the Baxter County Library.

To begin, we have the entry to the Teen Library.  We are on the bottom floor and have a whole secluded section to ourselves.

When you walk into our section, this is to your left and it is my current pride and joy: our gaming area.  We slightly rearranged it today so it is facing a different direction, but the configuration is the same.  We have 2 Xbox 360s w/Kinect, 2 Wiis, and a PS3.  Come play!

 Across from the gaming area, you have the Teen desk and my office behind it.  Amy staffs our Teen desk and she rocks.  She can recommend books, help you with computers, hook up a video game, whatever you need.  You can sign up to play video games and get your controller from this desk.  Watch for signs; I'm all about giving stuff away and that is where the notice will be.

Next, you'll find our display shelves (to the left of these, not pictured, is a great sitting area) and our bank of computers.  The computers in our section are only for teens, so no little kids or adults can come down and hog the computers.

This is our selection of young adult books, DVDs, audiobooks, and playaways.  See all the empty space in the back?  Yeah, I'm going to be filling that up.

Finally, you have our selection of magazines.  It is kind of out of the way in a little nook, but there is a big sign so it shouldn't be hard to find.  We've got a bit of everything, magazine wise, but I'm always open for suggestions.

Thank you for joining me on that fun spin around our section.  Hope to see you soon!

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