Monday, October 31, 2011

Mandy's Book of the Week (10/31)

Happy Halloween!  I hope everyone is ready to go out and have some nice Halloween fun tonight.  And I hope you have an awesome costume.

I have been terribly remiss in posting my books of the week.  October has been CRAZY around here and, quite frankly, I just had trouble finding the time.  But I have all kinds of things to post about in the upcoming weeks, so hopefully I'll be able to slide in books as well.

In honor of Halloween, my book of the week this week is a zombie book.

Well, when I say zombie I mean that in the loose sense of the word.  In the sense that the people eat other people.

Anyway, this book takes place in Britain.  A virus has unleashed itself and everyone over the age of about 16 is affected.  When you first get the virus, you get sick. A lot of people simply die, but some get worse and worse: fever, aches, and eventually pus pockets that burst and seep.  Your brain gets infected and you lose the ability to stay focused or speak coherently.  And then you get hungry, but not for food, for flesh.

This book follows a group of young survivors who have holed up in a grocery store called Waitrose.  It has been months since the virus broke out and now they've pretty much run out of food and supplies; they are going to have to relocate.  Of course, this is dangerous with the packs of infected adults roaming about.

At this point, a young man who says that he's from a group that is hiding out in Buckingham Palace comes onto the scene.  He says they have gardens and weapons and that it is safe.  Is it really?  Can he be believed?  And can the Waitrose kids survive the trip?

This book was a great read and it kept my heart pumping, for sure.  We got the prequel, The Dead, in a few months back and the final book in the series will be out soon.

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