Monday, August 8, 2011

Summer Reading Program: The Winners Edition

So, I'm about to give away a lot of stuff.  A lot!

I would like to thank everyone that participated in this year's summer reading program.  When I started, I asked the previous Teen Librarians how many passports that I needed to print up.  They said that, generally, they gave out between 30 and 50, so I printed 50.  Then I had to print 50 more.  And then 25 more after that.  That's right: we gave away 125 passports this year.  AMAZING!  So a great big thanks to all who made this summer such fun for me and Amy.  We love handing out prizes.

For those of you who made it up to levels 4 and 5, the drawings are now complete.  I'll be giving you a call sometime this week, but if you see your name here feel free to pop on over and pick up your goodies.

Level 4 Winners

$15 iTunes gift card: Summer Webers

Lunch for 2 at Dusit Thai Cuisine: Lanie Benefiel

Sauna Session from Beauti Central: Tracy Connelly

$25 gift certificate to Brent's Rib House and Catering: Otto Blum

Medium Pizza from Domino's: (1) Hannah Bristol (2) Morgan Jenkins (3) Tyler Brown and (4) Justice Helton

Congratulations, level 4 winners!

Level 5 Winners

$10 Amazon gift card: Noelle King

Bags from Stage: (1) Carolyn Crane and (2) Darby Sproul

$15 iTunes gift card: Gavyn Pennington

$25 gift certificate to Brent's Rib House and Catering: (1) Bruk Sproul and (2) Hannah Brown

$20 Hasting's gift card: Zoe Bodishaugh

Sauna Session from Beauti Central: Trinity Bristol

Congratulations, level 5 winners!

We also had several people enter their passports for consideration because they read more than me this summer.  Well done, you guys!  I read 25 books this summer for a total of just over 9,000 pages.

The winner of the $20 Hasting's gift card for beating me in page volume is April Daugherty!

Don't forget that I'm accepting Teen Library Council applications (which can be picked up down in the Teen Library) until August 31.  I'm looking to take up to 7 new people this year, so get your application in!

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